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Great service

Great service! Very happy with the results. Professional and efficient. I highly recommend it.

Kosta Georg   United Kingdom   12 February 2024


It's a really helpful app

My son is 16 years old and about to get an IELTS for study abroad purposes. His English is very good but creative writing is not his forte. We have limited time now for private lessons and I was looking for other options when I found this e-learning program uni4u. I just love it. It's really helpful. Didn`t expect my son to be very enthusiastic but actually, he got very involved. Probably because it`s digital and it`s more like a game challenge rather than a study task. He completed all IELTS topics, using the tutor and the result is really impressive. I can`t believe he has improved his writing so dramatically after a week of exercising.

Jenia   Bulgaria   29 August 2023



Very helpful to understand how to write…

Very helpful to understand how to write an good essay.

Adam   United Kingdom   20 January 2024


Great experience

Great experience. The team is always ready to help, especially my tutor [...] I was very nervous about taking the entrance test, but with the help of [my tutor], who played a huge role in motivating me and helping me prepare myself for the entrance exam with the use of their special Essay Builder. All their techniques and support gave me the confidence to put myself back on the road of higher education at the tender age of only 50 :). Dwayne.

JamItalia Records   Italy   3 October 2023



I created a very good CV with this…

I created a very good CV with this builder. There were a few details that could be improved, such as adding more options for skills, but overall it looks very professional, and most importantly very extensive.

Alex Markov   Bulgaria   29 August 2023


Excellent Builder

I didn’t have a clue what to write in this personal statement the UK universities require. I think this is the most difficult part for international students who apply to British unis. I was looking for online definition and support when came across to this app. The price also worth it, given the fact another one company asked me earlier for £350 in order to create for me a personally crafted statement. I highly recommend uni4u!

Swetha   India   09 August 2023


essay builder

I purchased this builder and was surprised how helpful it was. It takes no time to complete it. They give you very clear guidelines how to describe yourself and your motivation, according to your major. I liked the vocabulary because of the specific academic phrases I didn’t know. I may say that without this builder, my statement would have sound very naive and not really good enough for a university application. I have now unconditional offer from my London Metropolitan University and I am supper happy.

Mariana Mendes   Portugal   29 August 2023


One of the best apps I ever seen

One of the best apps I ever seen. I was actually in a dead end to improve me writing , however essay helped me more than most private English lessons I had before and how to achieve a good writing.

KZY   United Kingdom   27 September 2023



Very good builder app!

I had a very good experience using this builder to write a good Personal Statement. My PS looked more professional and it was easy to use it.

Carolina Ragusa   United Kingdom   27 September 2023


Essay constructor from Uni4u is a best…

Essay constructor from Uni4u is a best option and give the opportunity for everyone know and understand all process to make an Essay beginning to advanced. Is very easy and extremely useful application who give you all chance to build your own essay.

Gabriel Krebs   United Kingdom   22 September 2023

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